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The 2022 Puerto Rico Pro Show was the latest opportunity that came on June 17-19, 2022, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to qualify for Mr. Olympia 2022. ... Theo got 5th place at Yamamoto Cup Pro in the Men's Bodybuilding category last year. ... (New Jersey), 3rd; Jessica Miller ( Florida), 4th; JODIE - IFBB BIKINI PRO, 5th;.

29. May 2020 by Paul Leonard. Jeff King obtained legendary status in Bodybuilding in 1983 following his Mr America and Mr. Universe wins at the age of 22. Recently, Jeff was featured on John Hansen's Bodybuilding Legends podcast, after he was the most sought after guest for years. Jeff has a very down to earth, humble and gracious nature so.
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  • Filter by federation. This page lists all upcoming Bikini Competitions in and near New York for 2022 and 2023, as well as fitness, figure/physique and bodybuilding contests. Includes all types of shows: local, national, natural, beginners, all Federations (eg NPC, IFBB etc).
  • Another jam-packed episode of The Matt Rooney Show on 1210 WPHT is queued up for this Sunday night (7/31), Save Jerseyans.. Matt and Producer Dan will break down the #BidenRecession whitewash, the latest Midterm 2022 news, and some other hugely important stories you may’ve missed during another particularly hectic news week.
  • 2022 SCHEDULE NPC BODYBUILDING AND FITNESS EVENTS IN INDIANA. questions? [email protected] May 14, 2022 ... August 27, 2022 NEW EVENT! 2022 NPC Premier Muscle Classic. November 12, 2022 2022 NPC Natural Indianapolis. questions? [email protected] or 412-377-1438 text.
  • Locate all New Jersey Rock & Gem, Mineral Shows, Symposiums, Bead & Jewelry Shows, FM, AFMS, Federation Shows on RMS.
  • You competed in 2020, 2021, or 2022 NPC Nationals, NPC USA, Team Universe, IFBB North American Championships, Jr. National or Jr. USA Bodybuilding Championships, Teen Collegiate or Masters Nationals Bodybuilding Championships and placed top 5.